"Our mission is to provide fair, impartial and efficient justice
to the Butler County community."

Meet the Butler County Common Pleas Judges

Common Pleas Judges 

Judge J. Gregory Howard
Judicial Assistant, Kathy Dozier
Bailiff, Greg Blankenship
Fax 513-887-3675
Magistrate, Stephanie Cornwell


Judge Jennifer Muench-McElfresh
Judicial Assistant, Linda Clark
Bailiff, Alan Halcomb
Fax 513-887-3621
Magistrate, Justin Lane


Judge Michael A. Oster Jr.
Judicial Assistant, Shirley Lakes
Bailiff, Rich L. Bush
Fax 513-887-3285
Magistrate, Lynn A. Busch-Heyman


Judge Daniel E. Haughey
Judicial Assistant, Terri Ballinger
Bailiff, Richard Heidorn
Fax 513-785-6582.
Magistrate, Ronald James


Judge Noah E. Powers II
Judicial Assistant, Tammy Maxwell
Bailiff, Dusty Blackman
Fax 513-887-5667
Magistrate, Matt Reed


Judge Keith M. Spaeth
Judicial Assistant, Kimberly Reynolds
Bailiff, Rick LoBuono
Fax 513-785-5757
Magistrate, Sara C. Hirka


Judge Greg S. Stephens
Judicial Assistant, Melinda Barger
Bailiff, Jamie Wilson
Fax 513-887-5646
Magistrate, Daniel Gehr