Election Observers

Election Observer Information
Election observers are appointed by political parties, groups of candidates, or issue committees to observe the conduct of the election. Some observers are allowed to be at the Board of Elections during the early voting period, on Election Day, and through the post-election period. Observers are also allowed to be in the polling location before, during and after hours of voting. Observers must not interfere with Precinct Election Officials doing their jobs or otherwise slow down the operation of the polling location or interact with voters in a manner that interferes with or disrupts an election. Below is a helpful guide on the role of an Election Observer as well as the most recent Secretary of State Directive regarding observers.

Understanding the Role of an Observer (pdf)
Secretary of State Directive Regarding Observers (2016-23) (pdf)

Notice of Appointment of Observers or Amendment of Appointment Forms
For filing deadlines for Notice of Appointment and Amendment form, please see the Election Calendar.

Certificate of Appointment of Observer Forms
Certificate of Appointment forms must be presented by the Observer when arriving at the designated location.