Staff Directory

Use the table below to search for the staff member that you are looking for. If you are not working with a particular person yet, feel free to call 513-887-3600 for assistance.

* Name Title Military Branch Email
Bio Farmer, Mike Executive Director / CVSO
(Certified ODVS / NACVSO)
United States Marine Corps
Bio Jones, Matt Assistant Executive Director/CVSO
(Certified ODVS / NACVSO)
United States Army
Bio Meece, Lisa Administrative Assistant
to Executive Staff
United States Army Veteran Daughter
Bio Myers, Tian Service Officer
(Certified ODVS /  NACVSO)
United States Air Force
Bio Boykin, Apt Service Officer
(Certified ODVS / NACVSO)
United States Army
Bio Harbin, Steve Service Officer
(Certified ODVS)
United States Navy
Bio Vacant Service Officer Vacant
Bio Klink, Pam Veterans Benefit Coordinator United States Navy Veteran Mom
Bio Vacant Veterans Benefit Coordinator Vacant
Bio Lewis, Anita Receptionist / Scheduler United States Air Force Veteran Spouse
Bio Daniel Anderson Receptionist / Scheduler United States Marine Corps

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