Daniel Anderson Bio


Daniel Anderson

Service Officer

Phone: (513) 887-3600
Email: AndersonDP@ButlerCountyOhio.org

Daniel Anderson was born/raised in Cincinnati, Ohio and at 19 years old enlisted in the United States Marine Corps. As a Sergeant, the Marines instilled confidence and leadership that continues to guide him today. Daniel has spent the past 20 years assisting others as a special needs teacher, social worker, and adoption specialist. He always wanted to assist Veterans, where he is now honored to be working for the Butler County Veterans Service Commission.

Daniel lives in Fairfield with his wife (Kelly), dog (Gunner), and 5 cats (yikes!). Their son, Johnny, is currently serving in the United States Marine Corps as a Bulk Fuel Specialist. Daniel’s hobbies include sports (football, hockey, basketball, baseball), making others laugh, working in the yard, eating Mexican food, and locating unique, patriotic thingamajigs.




"There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work, and learning from failure."