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Butler County Child Fatality Review Annual 2020 Report

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Ohio Revised Code: 

The Ohio General Assembly established the Ohio Child Fatality Review (CFR) program in 2000, to better understand why children are dying in the state of Ohio. The law mandates CFR Boards in each of Ohio’s Counties review the deaths of all children younger than 18 years of age. According to Ohio Revised Code 307.623, the mission of the CFR is to reduce the incidence of preventable child deaths by doing all of the following:

A. Promoting cooperation, collaboration, and communication among all groups, professions, agencies or entities that serve families and children;

B. Maintaining a comprehensive database of all child deaths that occur in the county or region served by the child fatality review Board in order to develop an understanding of the causes and incidences of those deaths;

C. Recommending and developing plans for implementing local service and program changes and changes to the groups, professions, agencies, or entities that serve families and children that might prevent child deaths;

D. Advising the Department of Health of aggregate data, trends and patterns concerning child deaths.

The loss of a child has a tragic impact on families, and our community as a whole. The Child Fatality Review serves to protect the lives of Butler County children and to help every child thrive into adulthood. The Child Fatality Review Board is a group of professionals within the county who honor the memory of each child lost by working to prevent future deaths of children. We dedicate this report, with deepest sympathy, to the children who have passed and to their families.

The Board:
Jennifer Bailer, Board Chairperson and Butler County General Health District Health Commissioner
Tracy Bishop, Program Manager of Maternal and Infant Health, Butler County General Health District
Dr. Lisa Mannix, Butler County Coroner
Dr. Michelle Burch, Medical Director and Pediatrician
Tina Combs, CFR coordinator

The Butler County CFR Board also represents members from diverse professions in the community. Members are made up of representatives from:
Butler County General Health District
City of Middletown Health Department
City of Hamilton Health Department
Butler County Children Services
Cincinnati Children’s Hospital
Premier Health Partners, Atrium Medical Center
Butler County Mental Health and Recovery Services Board
The Office of Butler County Prosecutor