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COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in Butler County

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July 19, 2021
Contact: Butler County General Health District, 513-863-1770

COVID-19 Cases on the Rise in Butler County

BUTLER COUNTY, OHIO – For the first time in many months, Butler County's COVID-19 case count has shown an increase when compared to previous weeks. Cases over the past 14 days are up 117% compared to the previous 14 days. In addition, vaccination rates have slowed significantly.

Ohio Department of Health is reporting that around 30% of current cases are from the new Delta variant and that this is expected to rise in the next two weeks. The Delta variant spreads faster than other forms of the virus and makes people sicker. Current vaccines are showing good protection from the Delta variant.

“News of increases in the Delta variant across the US, Ohio and Butler County are concerning. We are worried about our citizens who may be vulnerable to this more severe form of COVID. If you, or your loved ones have not yet gotten vaccinated, now is the time,” says Jennifer Bailer, Health Commissioner for the Butler County General Health District (BCGHD).

“The people having to go to the hospital because of COVID-19 are almost entirely unvaccinated,” states Kay Farrar, Health Commissioner for the City of Hamilton Health Department. “Getting vaccinated is an easy way to protect yourself and those around you from serious illness,” says Farrar.

Pop-up vaccine clinics are taking place throughout the county at retail stores, apartment complexes, and at a variety of community events.

“Vaccination remains the single best protection against COVID-19 infection in all its forms. Current vaccines are showing good protection from the Delta variant,” stated Jackie Phillips-Carter, Health Commissioner at City of Middletown Health Department.

During the Butler County Fair, the “Helping Butler County Get Vaccinated” bus provided by Butler County Regional Transit Authority will be onsite every day with clinics held at various times. Visit www.bcohio/health for times and additional locations throughout the community.

Furthermore, in an effort to increase vaccinations before the school year starts, all three local health departments with partners at the Butler County Emergency Management Agency and the Fair Board are collaborating to host a large vaccine clinic on August 7 from 11 AM – 4 PM at the Butler County Fairgrounds. This clinic is targeted toward anyone who has not yet been able to get vaccinated such as:

  • Student athletes who don’t want their season interrupted by COVID;
  • Students returning to schools, colleges or universities;
  • Those who have gotten one shot, but haven’t had time for the second one yet;
  • Restaurant or other workers who interact with the public as a part of their job;
  • Those who work with people who are at risk in places like nursing homes, or home health or group homes;
  • Those who live with loved ones who have high-risk conditions;
  • Those that work and/or live in settings with densely populated areas like airports, jails, or prisons; 
  • For anyone and everyone who has not been vaccinated, now is the time, because public health cares!

To pre-register for August 7 visit https://gettheshot.coronavirus.ohio.gov/, enter your zip code and find clinics near you. Walk-ins are welcome.

 City of Hamilton Health Department, 513-785-7080

City of Middletown Health Department, 513-425-1818

Butler County General Health District, 513-863-1770