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Jobs and Volunteering


Health Equity Coordinator 
Builds internal and community capacity to address, reduce, and eliminate racial disparities and inequities. The Health Equity Coordinator will assess internal policies and practices and alter and/or add policies to ensure equitable practices.

Public Health Nurse I or II

Public health nursing includes advocacy, policy development, and health planning, and addresses issues of social justice and health equity. 

Infection Control Preventionist/Educator LPN

Public health nursing is a specialty practice within nursing and public health. It focuses on improving population health by emphasizing prevention and the social determinants. 

COVID-19 Vaccine Clinic Volunteer 

Giving back to your community by volunteering at a COVID-19 vaccine clinic is a rewarding, once in a lifetime experience! Non-medical staff are NOT required to complete any training prior to volunteering. 
When you register be sure to follow these easy steps! 
1. Register with: Ohio Responds by clicking here 
2. Click 'Register NOW'
3. Click 'Add Organization' and expand the field '01-Medical Reserve Corps Organizations'
4. Select 'Butler County - MRC' 

At the Butler County General Health District our mission is to prevent disease and injury, promote health and wellness, protect the environment, and achieve health equity.

We aspire to create a healthy and connected community where residents can enjoy optimal physical, emotional, and environmental health.
Our guiding principles provide a framework for staff to conduct their jobs.

Build - We work with partners and stakeholders to meet the needs of our community to promote health equity.

Unity - We show support, courtesy, and understanding for all with whom we interact.

Teamwork - We capitalize on our collective differences, strengths, and perspectives.

Leadership - We are committed to developing a public health staff that exceeds core competencies and provides outstanding service to the community.

Excellence - We set goals and strive to achieve the highest quality of public health service through innovation and demonstration of outcomes.

Respect - We respect the diversity of those we serve and value the contributions made by all staff.