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Board of Health

What is the Board of Health?
The Butler County Board of Health was incorporated on February 20, 1920, with the ideal of creating an organization that would strive to help secure the right to a sound body and a healthy life for the citizens of the Butler County Health District. 

The health district staff members continue to strive to achieve this ideal by focusing on environmental health programs, communicable disease control, immunizations, health education, emergency preparedness, plumbing inspections, and vital statistics.

Ohio Revised Code 3709.02
Describes the make up, responsibility, and power of the Board of Health including establishing public health programs, serving as the appointing authority of staff, financial management, and rule-making authority.

The health district service area includes the entire geographical area of Butler County, Ohio, with the exception of the cities of Hamilton and Middletown which each have a city health department.

An eight-member Board of Health provides leadership and guidance to the staff of the Butler County General Health District, all working to ensure the health of our citizens through progress towards our Mission and Vision.

Five members of the Board of Health are appointed for 3-year terms with due regard to equal representation of all parts of the district. The cities of Oxford, Fairfield, and Trenton each have one appointed member. One member of the Board is a physician.

Board of Health Members, 2021

  • Leon Simpson, geologist, serving as Board President, from Wayne Township
  • Alan Burley, DDS, serving as Board Vice President, from City of Trenton
  • Molly Emmert, MD, from City of Oxford
  • Stephanie Johnson, RN, BSN, from Riley Township
  • Bill Woeste, non-profit president and Planning Commission for the City of Fairfield
  • Stephen Schulte, farmer, from Morgan Township
  • Tom Urban, retired hospital executive, from West Chester Township
  • John Baumgartner, retired plumbing inspector, from Hanover Township

The Board of Health holds regular meetings on the third Thursday of each month at 7 PM. Meetings are held at the Butler County General Health District, 301 South Third Street, Hamilton, OH 45011. All meetings are open to the public.